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XR-5® Liners

XR-5® is a tradename of Seaman Corporation for terpolymer alloy coating consisting primarily of Elvaloy® and PVC resins. This unique blend of resins gives XR-5 high resistance to chemicals that would dissolve other plastics. XR-5 is dimensionally stable and has excellent UV resistance.

Tough, durable, yet extremely flexible XR-5 can be easily installed in the most complex areas. XR-5 is prefabricated into large panels with RF or thermal welds in a controlled factory environment to minimize the field seams made under less ideal conditions.

XR-5 roll stock is 6.17' (6.17 feet) wide. After subtracting for the seam, the width of the liner panels will be in increments of 6'. For example, a panel could be 12' wide (2 x 6' = 12') or 18' wide (3 x 6' = 18'), etc. The maximum panel width is 90'. The length can be any value. For a detailed explanation, see How Liners are Fabricated.

XR-5® is a registered trademark of Seaman Corporation.
Elvaloy® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.