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Irrigation Reservoir Liners

Irrigation Reservoir for Carrots Water is valuable, and it is getting more scarce. Agricultural water costs have a substancial impact on a grower's income. Accordingly, smart growers minimize seepage loss with plastic reservoir liners. Plastic lined reservoirs are more cost effective to install and maintain than any other form of water storage.

The two most popular materials for irrigation reservoir liners are Polypropylene and PVC. These materials are reliable, inexpensive and easy to install. Use Polypropylene if any part of the liner will be exposed to sunlight. Use PVC if you are going to bury the liner and make the reservoir look like a natural pond. Polypropylene has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight, but has to be patched with a hot air welder. PVC is easy to patch with adhesive and costs less, but degrades from the UV exposure. Polypropylene is used most often by growers because the extra material cost is less than the cost of burying the liner.