AccuGeo Liner



Lake and Pond Liners

PondLakes and ponds transform otherwise boring property into beautiful terrain. Upgrading your landscape is easy even for beginners with AccuGeo's liners. Installing a liner can be intimidating at first, but many times it is as simple as unfolding a liner and pulling it into place.

The two most popular materials for lake and pond liners are PVC and Polypropylene. These materials are reliable, inexpensive and easy to install. Use PVC if you are going to bury the liner and make the pond look natural. Use Polypropylene if any part of the liner will be exposed to sunlight. PVC is easy to patch with adhesive and costs less, but degrades from the ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. Polypropylene has excellent UV resistance, but has to be patched with a hot air welder. Some pond designers prefer to use polypropylene in case the liner accidentally becomes exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.