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Mining Liners

Mine Tailings PondMining uses multiple liners for multiple functions: heap leach liners, solution pond liners, tailings dams. Check local regulations for lining materials requirements.

Heap leach mining uses a chemical solution to dissolve metals in ore, which can then be collected by a liner and refined. Since the survivability of a lining material is often based on its flexibility, PVC lining materials are preferred for Heap leach pad liners. Covers are available to protect the heap leach pad from infiltration of precipitation. Liners should be placed on carefully prepared subgrades on shallow 4 to 1 slopes. Heap leach mining is commonly used for gold and copper.

Solution ponds retain mining chemicals and process water for retention, reuse, or treatment. Solution ponds are normally lined with HDPE as an exposed liner. Tailings dams can be lined with PVC or HDPE.

Tailings dams use liners to prevent the release of concentrated mine chemicals into the environment. Tailings ponds and dams accumulate the solids remaining from the mining operation, often in the form of a fine sand. Tailings ponds allow the sand to settle and the liquid to separate for re-use.