AccuGeo Liner



Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Rain Water Collection for QuailWater is essential to every ecosystem. Ponds and wetlands can be constructed to provide an aquatic habitat for vegetation, waterfowl, fish and other local wildlife. Rainwater harvesting cisterns can keep wildlife alive in arid climates where other natural water sources have disappeared. The project details determine the necessary liner material.

PVC is most often used to build ponds and lakes because it is easy to patch with adhesive and costs less. However, PVC will degrade from the ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. Fish grade PVC liners are ready to bury as soon as they are unfolded and seamed, if necessary. Before burying standard industrial grade PVC, wash the liner to remove any algaecide that might make fish sick.

Polypropylene is most often used to build wetlands and rainwater harvesting projects. Polypropylene has excellent UV resistance, but has to be patched with a hot air welder. It is best to use polypropylene for shallow wetlands in case the liner ever becomes exposed in the future. Tan polypropylene is the most popular material for rain collecting cisterns, like the Mojave Desert cistern in the photo.