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Canal Liners

CanalCanal Liners are a cost effective solution whether you want to replace traditional concrete or just be prepared when it cracks. Plastic liners are a fraction of the cost of concrete and completely stop seepage losses. However, care should be taken to protect the liner from animals, vandalism and other potential damage. The canal liner can be protected with a layer of backfill or by placing the liner under a traditional concrete canal.

AccuGeo can custom fabricate long canal liners that are cheap and easy to install as a large panel. PVC is a popular choice for canal liners under concrete or backfill. Polypropylene and HDPE are popular choices for liners that will be left exposed. Both Polypropylene and HDPE will float on water if the liner gets a leak. This can lead to bank erosion if the liner is not weighted down to prevent water from flowing under the liner.