AccuGeo Liner



Polypropylene Liners

Polypropylene is a flexible plastic with excellent UV and chemical resistance, making it the ideal choice for applications where the liner will not be buried. Polypropylene is seamed and patched with heat using a wedge welder or a hot air gun.

A reinforcing scrim gives polypropylene additional tensile strength. The scrim is a net made from polyester fibers with 9 threads per square inch.

Polypropylene roll stock is 6.5' (6.5 feet) wide. After subtracting for the seam, the width of the liner panels will be in increments of 6.4'. For example, a panel could be 12.8' wide (2 x 6.4' = 12.8') or 19.2' wide (3 x 6.4' = 19.2'), etc. The maximum panel width is 96'. The length can be any value. For a detailed explanation, see How Liners are Fabricated.